The Artificial Intelligence Solutions within Etiya’s integrated portfolio transforms future scenarios that businesses need into an innovation. It provides services by placing Natural Language Processing, Prediction and Recommendation Analysis scenarios at the centre of its work.

Etiya Artificial Intelligence Solutions presents innovative and experience oriented approaches for the digital transformation of your corporate processes and cost advantages.

By converting information, available in different lines of businesses, into an understandable manner, these solutions allow for effective automation and provide operational productivity.

Etiya Artificial Intelligence can easily integrate its ability into different products within its portfolio.

Natural Language Processing allows for the presentation of personalised services and campaigns through customer data analysis. Etiya’s Natural Language Processing solution can analyse and process words within texts with its developed language knowledge ability and algorithms. It can use the processed structured data according to the scenario needed in order to increase the productivity of work processes and provide automation.

Etiya Natural Language Processing solution, which responds to the diverse structural and meaningful aspects of the Turkish, English and French languages, can determine the meaning of a text through processing sentiment analysis, behavioural and demographic data, together.

Etiya allows for several solutions and services at the level of Natural Language Processing.

The customer data that is processed with data analytics is modelled according to your business goals and thus can be used to add value to your services.

Data analysis processes can be discussed in terms of three different stages: descriptive, prescriptive and predictive. Whilst the descriptive processes evaluate past performance, prescriptive analytics uses rules and algorithms to determine the potential outputs.

The most complicated and powerful aspect of an analysis is predictive. The predictive process cannot only determine what will happen and when, but can also determine why it will happen. Etiya’s Prediction & Recommendation Solution presents predictive recommendation through the use of pre-learning methods in order to use deep learning systems and suitable algorithms that can help gather information regarding your customers’ preferences and behaviours.

By analyzing your customers’ past behaviour, evaluating which products they like, you can determine the product/service that your customer is most likely to purchase based on their preferences and then you can recommend it in real time with Etiya Recommendation Engine.

With advanced machine learning algorithms and expert field knowledge it presents new ways to make the decision-making processes for your customers easier and strengthen their purchasing possibility, as well. Prediction & Recommendation Solution provides insight into topics such as product recommendations, predictions of cancellations, potential scoring and possible fraud detection.


  • Dynamic customer support and sales workflows, enriched with predictions and recommendations based on customer’s past and current interests and interactions
  • Consistent customer experience on any channel, any device, at any time
  • Customer experience management, based on buying behavior and interests
  • Easy to manage large business customers, their accounts, and their account relations
  • Improved customer conversion ratios via predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Near real-time decision support for sales performance and operational efficiencies, via sales KPI dashboards
  • Quick and effective actions and effective communication tools for customer loyalty
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