1. The Muzikotek World Music Competition is open to all composers, song writers and lyricists regardless of their nationality.

2. Each participant can enter the Muzikotek World Music Competition with a maximum of 2 (two) works.

3. The musical Work(s) should be happy, positive and uplifting, aimed at bringing joy to our world. Happiness is the ultimate objective of this competition.

4. The musical Work(s) can be in any genre (classical, jazz, folk, country, R&B, pop, electronic, fusion, folk, rock, military, religious, experimental, dance etc…), the choice is yours. You can even create a new genre.

5. All musical Work(s) submitted should be no longer than 5 (five) minutes, other than classical compositions that should not exceed 10 (ten) minutes.

6. The musical Work(s) submitted can be instrumental or with lyrics.

7. All lyrics used in musical Work(s) must be submitted separately as text. For any lyrics in other languages, a direct English translation must also be provided.

8. For each musical Work(s) submitted with vocal, the underscore (backing track) of the work(s) must also be included.

9. All selected musical Work(s), will be published by Muzikotek worldwide and an advance royalty payment of 500 units in the local currency of the creator(s) will be paid for each selected work.

10. Among all the selected work(s), there will be one crowned "Number One" and that work will receive 1000 units an advance royalty payment in the local currency of the creator(s).

11. Following the announcement of the results, all sound files and all relevant documentation of unselected musical Work(s) will be destroyed.

12. The Jury is formed by the Muzikotek music team and their decision is final.

13. Any changes / delays due to unforeseen events will be declared on the Muzikotek competition website.

14. The deadline for submissions is Thursday October 29th 2020

15. The results of the competition will be announced on the Muzikotek competition website on Valentine's Day, February 14th 2021

*Applicants confirm that they have read, understood and accept the MUZIKOTEK COMPETITION RULES.

Before submitting your music please ensure you have prepared the documents stated below;
(Any submission made with missing or unclear documentation will automatically be disqualified)

1. Every applicant must include a valid and official proof of identity (Copy of passport, driving license or national ID card).

2. Every applicant must download & sign each of the 7 (seven) pages of Muzikotek Music Publishing & Music Library Assignment (Agreement). Download Assignment

3. Each applicant should include a simple piano score with the melody line and the music genre must be stated on top. Classical compositions must include a full score.

4. Each applicant must submit their musical work(s) in WAV format.

5. For musical work(s) with multiple creators, each individual party must sign a separate Muzikotek Music Publishing & Music Library Assignment (Agreement) stated in clause 2.

6. For each musical work(s) with multiple creators, the ANEXURE "2" must be filled in by each creator and signed. This is ONLY for musical work(s) with multiple creators. Download ANEXURE "2"

All entrants are advised to seek legal advice when signing the documents.