A message from our Chairman;

Welcome to the Muzikotek World Music Competition

Dear Partners, the composers and lyricists that, for years have given us wonderful music and on the other side, film companies, digital service providers, the broadcasters, advertising agencies, shops and stores and so on...we thank you all for your continued partnership.

On April 4th 2020, MUZIKOTEK celebrated its 35th year in business, sadly this coincided with the Coronavirus, Covid-19 which destabilised everyone and everything globally.

I want to take the opportunity offered by these two events, one happy and one sad, to share my thoughts and experiences after spending 72 years on this planet.

Over the 12,000 years since life began evolving into what we know today the world has seen many wars and many pandemics. More recently two major world wars led people to believe it was the apocalypse, the Black Death and the Spanish Flu pandemics that claimed millions of lives, again made people believe that it was the end of the world but the pandemics ended, not the world. In the same way this Coronavirus will also end, sooner or later.

Putting the Coronavirus to one side let's look at music as we know it today. From when it began in 1890 in New York, with the invention of the Gramophone we can see that over the last 100 years or so, there have been major challenges.

The first was when the radio was invented. Immediately record sales in the US dropped by 150 million units and composers, lyricists, music publishers, artists and record companies, thought it was the end of the world… but it wasn't, over the coming year, the market was restored and came back stronger than before with the promotion created by those radio stations. In addition to the rising sales, public performance collections by PROs started generating extra revenue for the music creators.

With the emergence of the digital world, everyone panicked and thought it was the end. As we all now know digital formats brought new sources of rising revenues, again it wasn't the end of the world!

My point here is that however bad things get, there is always an end followed by recovery. There are many examples throughout history that prove this. Even hitting rock bottom generally serves to make things better. Whenever there is a crisis, all we need to do, is to sit down, pinpoint the problem, find the right strategies and take the necessary actions to safeguard the future and the wellbeing of the music creators.

To focus on the inevitable positive outcome from this current crisis, MUZIKOTEK has decided to launch a World Music Competition for all composers and lyricists regardless of their nationality.

The music can be in any genre, classical, jazz, country, pop, electronic, folk, rock, military, religious, experimental, dance, the choice is yours, you can even create a new genre!

But whatever your genre is, put your own signature, your own stamp on it, try to avoid imitating someone else. The only requirement is that your composition must be positive…generating emotions of hope, joy and happiness to celebrate the end of Coronavirus and mark the beginning of a new era.

The deadline is Thursday October 29th 2020

Stay safe, stay well and start composing!

Good luck.

Y. Dağhan Baydur